CompYouter Book App System

Involve me and I learn!

At Weychware, we develop the CompYouter Book App System.

With a CompYouter Book App, textbooks are read on a computer and challenge and engage the learner. In some areas artificial intelligence is used to guarantee the learning success.

A CompYouter Book App is built with the authoring system. Authors submit prepared media such as texts, images, videos, audios to the authoring system and formulate data for the Involvators. Involvators are software modules that formulate and train interactivity and AI. Finally, the system builds the app, uploads it to the cloud and is immediately available on all mobile devices.

No software development in the traditional sense is required. Authors, publishers, and media creators can thus build low-threshold interactive textbook apps and distribute them on the various app stores.

App creation takes place on a low-threshold, effort-based basis and offers enormous scaling potential.

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